Would you like to be at the Olympics? Explore Tokyo with this expedited walking tour

Now that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (yes, they’re still called 2020) have begun, the eyes of the world are on Japan.

With travel restrictions still in place and no international spectators allowed to attend the Games, this is a far cry from the usual tourist influx that accompanies the Olympics.

If your interest has been piqued and you still want to enjoy the sights and sounds, Inside Japan has created a series of virtual walking tours to give future tourists a taste of what they will be able to see in person when the time comes.

Although their tour guides are not Japanese, they are locals. They are all expats who live in Japan and want to share their love and knowledge of the country.

How does a virtual walking tour work?

Virtual tourists can join the Insider Tour leaders on Zoom for live walking tours of one of Tokyo’s oldest entertainment districts, Asakusa.

If your interests extend beyond the Olympic host city, InsideJapan also offers virtual tours of the ancient capital of Nara, a walk through Kyoto during peak cherry blossom season, and a tour of the food capital of Osaka.

“Of course, this doesn’t replace a real trip, but this style of live virtual tour will keep the excitement that comes with this amazing country and culture. Until we have a clearer picture from governments about lifting travel restrictions, we will do our best to continue to keep the travel dream alive, ”said James Mundy, Head of Public Relations and Partnerships.

Watch the video above for a taste of a virtual Tokyo walking tour.

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