Which European country has the best digital quality of life?

Denmark has the best digital quality of life in Europe, according to an index that examines factors such as affordability, security and internet quality.

In its 2022 Digital Quality of Life Index, Dutch VPN company Surfshark ranked 117 countries, with most of the top spots taken by European countries.

Israel was ranked first globally, while Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden made up the rest of the top five.

The global top 10 also includes the Netherlands, Finland and Great Britain, which means that seven of the top 10 are European countries. Japan (ranked eighth globally) and South Korea (ranked 10) were, along with Israel, the only non-European countries at the top.

At the bottom of the ranking for Europe are Bosnia and Herzegovina (80th globally), Montenegro (75th globally) and Belarus (69th globally).

A small number of European countries were not included in the report, such as Iceland.

What is “digital quality of life”?

The ranking is based on scores considering five factors, namely: internet affordability, internet quality, e-infrastructure, e-security and e-government.

Affordability is determined by how long people have to work to afford a broadband or mobile internet connection. According to the index, Germany has the most affordable internet in Europe, ranking third in the world behind Israel and Armenia.

Quality refers to the speed and stability of the connection, while the infrastructure score is based on the level of development and inclusive access to electricity. Denmark was the first European country for quality and infrastructure.

Electronic security examines people’s sense of security and protection, as well as cybersecurity issues such as privacy and the ability to fight cybercrime.

Greece ranked not only at the top of Europe but also at the top of the world for digital security, followed by Lithuania, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Germany – an all-European top five.

Finally, e-government refers to the digitization of a country’s government services. The US was ranked first in the world for this, while the UK was top for Europe and third globally.

Here is a map of the position of each country in Europe.

One of the report’s notable findings is that GDP per capita is not the primary determinant of a better digital quality of life.

Seventeen countries exceeded their expected score given their GDP, including Ukraine, Brazil, Poland, Turkey and Thailand.

“While countries with a good digital quality of life tend to be those in advanced economies, our global study found that money doesn’t always buy digital happiness,” said Gabriele Racaityte-Krasauske, Head of Relationships public at Surfshark.

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