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The view from the DriveBC webcam on Highway 20 at Heckman Summit, Friday, October 28, where there is a travel advisory due to high avalanche danger. (Image from DriveBC website)

UPDATE: Travel advisory Highway 20 to Heckman Pass for 19.7 km, high avalanche risk

DriveBC will provide another update on Saturday, October 29 at 10 a.m.

Highway 20 now has a travel advisory in both directions in the Heckman Pass area due to high avalanche risk.

The highway was closed overnight and motorists continue to avoid non-essential travel.

Closures can still occur on short notice due to flooding and rockslides.

Bad weather from the Turner Lakes trailhead in Hunlen Falls to the Rainbow Range trailhead for 19.7 km – 34 km east of Firvale to 38 km west of Lake Anahim , noted DriveBC.

On Thursday, Dawson Road Maintenance issued a travel advisory for this section of the highway due to heavy rain and rockfall expected.

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