Travel advisory: convoy rallying to COVID mandates heading to Edmonton

Convoys from assembly points in Sundre, near Olds, Penhold, Ponoka and Leduc, south of Calgary converge on Highway 2

OLD – Alberta RCMP have issued a travel advisory for Highway 2 due to a convoy of trucks and passenger vehicles traveling to the Edmonton Legislature to protest the mandates and restrictions of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Travel in the northbound lanes from Didsbury to Edmonton will experience heavy congestion and slow traffic throughout the day, the advisory said.

“This is expected to move to the southbound lanes of Highway 2 south of Edmonton this evening.”

Seedlings, gravel trucks, passenger vehicles and others stopped at an assembly point for the convoy at the Westview Co-op near the intersection of Highway 27 east of Olds and Hwy 2 this morning.

About 20 tractor-trailers and gravel trucks along with a variety of passenger vehicles left Sundre this morning and headed east on Highway 27 to join others traveling from the south and east meeting at the assembly point.

The contingent left the co-op around 8:40 a.m. this morning, January 29.

Similar contingents were to join the convoy from the Penhold, Ponoka and Leduc area.

Others gathered from south Calgary earlier in the morning on their way to Edmonton.

The Alberta Convoy was organized in support of the Freedom Convoy 2022 which is in Ottawa today to protest Parliament.

Originally launched to protest against vaccination mandates and restrictions on truckers, the Freedom Convoy 2022 movement has grown to include support for the lifting of mandates for everyone to be lifted.

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