The right way to take a solo trip if you’re single like me

He texted me the next morning thanking me “for pointing out that it was a mean thing to do”. I replied that it was certainly the case: “I went out. Goodbye.” Block. And that, my dear readers, was exactly the moment I decided to stop time on dating apps forever (again) and embrace my single status like I never did. had never done before.

Single lifestyles are on the rise among younger generations, with many preferring to be single rather than living with a spouse or partner. Several Mintel reports confirm this phenomenon: real facts as opposed to myths perpetrated by brands wishing to sell us more things. In response to the solo-life vibe, a variety of online travel agencies specializing in vacations for solo travelers have sprung up all over the internet. The trips I found on sites such as sound exciting and even, in the blink of an eye, quite sexy.

Could 10 singles in their 30s and 40s be the cultural version of Love Island? From hiking through the Lake District to surfing in Bali, you could meet like-minded people and bond for life. Who will be entering the villa this week? So exciting! Unless you don’t get along, in which case it’ll be hell on wheels and cost an emergency flight home.

A holiday with chance? No thanks. Never. There is always a madman in the pack. I don’t make the rules, but it’s a fact – believe me, I’ve taken many night classes and there’s always some weirdo messing everyone up (and no, it’s not me) . You can walk away from an art class on a Tuesday night in October; you can’t leave a mountain hike that fast.

I have real friends and I could be in Ibiza or the south of France or Greece right now, but there I would find distractions such as cocktails, men, cocktails, men, dance floors, cocktails, etc. this. I’m exhausted. I feel it in my body. I’m tired to the core after the stress of the past two years. Masochistically, I’m excited about a week-long juice fast with no coffee or wine, followed by a raw vegan diet with no coffee or wine. I take audiobooks and plan to write daily.

The important growth that I recognize is that two years ago, spending two weeks abroad, alone, would not have been possible. This time, two years ago, the children went to visit their family in America for three weeks. I couldn’t be in a room without having the radio on. I felt deprived and occupied my time with idle activities, including talking to dogs and saying “hello” to cats. I also did a few things that frankly weren’t good for me. Two years later, it’s time to channel Gwyneth and get fit and healthy – but without her oddly-named, genital-focused candle collection. See you in two weeks.

What would Paltrow take?

After a lot of research, I decided to skip the cheapest wetsuits on the market and go for British brand Prism instead: their high quality fabric means they’re built to last. It also works with an oversized white shirt when leaving the gym (plan bathroom breaks well in advance). I’m also packing my new Prism bandeau swimsuit, which, although it looks like granny’s pants on the rail, is incredibly flattering.

An expert recently told me that my brittle hair could be caused by my locks rubbing on my pillow and suggested that I tie my hair on top of my head with a silk hair scrunchie before bed and sleep. on a silky pillowcase. So I’m going to pack some scrunchies, a pillowcase, and an eye mask from Slip.

I take a travel candle for my room – the smell is important to me when I’m not at home – and some necklaces. I plan to wear makeup to a minimum, but along with my trusty Chanel Le Volume mascara, I’ll take home two new products that I no longer swear by: Teresa Tarmey’s face wash – the most effective I’ve ever used – and a concealer concealer sweatshirt from makeup artist Gia Mills’ recently launched brand, Skin In Motion. If I’m going to spend two weeks eating rabbit food, I’ll try to look glamorous while doing it.

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