Ontario just received its first winter weather travel advisory as snow squalls approach

Cold winter weather has arrived and there is no better example (or proof) than this morning’s winter travel advisory announcing heavy snowfall in parts of Ontario.

Environment Canada has issued the first travel warning of the season for Hanover, Dundalk, southern Gray County, Owen Sound, Blue Mountain and northern Gray County, preparing commuters for possible low visibility while traveling.

Additional snowfall of up to five centimeters from lake effect snow bands off Lake Huron has turned into cool westerly winds, the advisory reads.

For this reason, the government agency says travel can be dangerous due to “sudden” changes in weather and advises drivers to slow down in slippery conditions.

“The highest accumulations are expected over higher ground and grassy surfaces, while warmer temperatures on major roads will limit accumulation.”

Similar warnings have been issued for Haliburton, Minden, Bracebridge, Huntsville and Gravenhurst.

The advisory comes just days after it was predicted that nearly two feet of wet, watery snow could be dumped over parts of northern Ontario.

And of course, since Gray County and Blue Mountain are only a two-hour drive from Toronto, the snow is only an inch away from wreaking havoc on our lives.

The countdown is on to see when Toronto will have its first snow of the season. Fingers crossed he waits until November!

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