Netflix releases first Queer Eye season 6 trailer – and it’s a new look for the Fab Five

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strange eye is back – and the Fabulous Five are leaning heavily on their Texas venue this season.

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The first trailer dropped on Thursday and she saw Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness walk through an old ghost town in traditional cowboy outfits.

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WATCH: Queer Eye Season 6 Trailer

Bobby was clearly having the best time of his life wearing blue jeans, a floral shirt and a beige waistcoat with fringed details and classic cowboy boots all while Antoni kept it casual with slightly faded jeans, a white shirt and a cowboy hat.

Karamo wore a dark blue denim shirt with black jeans and a chunky buckle belt and Tan wore a light blue shirt with daisy embellishments and white jeans with matching boots.

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Corn Jonathan took a step in the other direction by teaming a slit shift dress with brown heeled boots.

The show will be released on December 31, 2021 and fans were in heaven.

weird eye

The five rocked cowboy outfits for the first trailer

“Yee-haw! I can’t wait to be in this season! And at first glance, it looks like we’ve gone on an adventure in the Wild West, so let’s get in the saddle! One fan shared as another commented, “Finally some great New Years Eve plans!”

strange eye is an award-winning series at multiple Emmy Awards who sees the five men helping an unlucky person gain more self-confidence and improve their physical and mental health.

He is often praised for his incredibly moving scenes, as the chosen “hero” is able to overcome the obstacles that had previously held them back.

The show ran for five seasons, alongside some specials set in Australia and Japan, and a sixth season will be set in Austin, Texas.


Queer Eye is an Emmy Award-winning series

Jonathan was recently appointed to HELLO! List of 2021 genres of the magazine, with the star helping uplift those around him with his very public account of drug addiction and being a survivor of sexual abuse, and his announcement in 2019 that he is living with HIV.

Alexis McGill Johnson, President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, praised the star, saying HELLO! : “Jonathan Van Ness is a formative and persuasive voice in the fight against HIV-related stigma. care.

“In 2019, when the Trump administration put the health care of millions of people at risk by cutting funding for providers who refer patients for abortions, Jonathan used his platform to raise awareness of the role Planned Parenthood health care providers have played in his own life – and in the lives of so many others. We are so grateful to Jonathan for using his personal journey to encourage people to get tested for STIs and to have open, honest and shameless conversations about their sexual health. “

Read more HELLO! American stories here

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