J INTS BIO successfully hosted its 1st International Advisory Board Meeting for its New 4th Generation Oral EGFR TKI (JIN-A02) in Vienna, Austria during WCLC

Seoul, South Korea, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — J INTS BIO has announced that it will hold its first international advisory board meeting for its novel 4th generation oral EGFR-TKI “JIN-A02” on the sidelines of the IASLC 2022 Global Conference on Lung Cancer which will is held to Vienna, Austria, August 7. This follows 2 successful focus group meetings conducted at ASCO in June.

J ORGANIC INTS created this global advisory board to provide expert advice and support for its clinical development program. Were present Prof. Byung Chul Cho & Prof. Sun Min Lim (Yonsei Cancer Hospital, Korea), Prof. Ignatius Ou & Prof. Misako Nagasaka (UC Irvine Health, UNITED STATES), Prof. Sally Lau (NYU Langone Health, UNITED STATES), Teacher. Thanyanan Baisamut (Mahidol University, Thailand), Prof. Benjamin Solomon (Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Australia) and Prof. Ross Soo (National University cancer institute, Singapore). Specialists of China and Japan were unable to attend this time due to travel restrictions imposed by their respective institutions.

During this meeting, J INTS BIO conducted in-depth discussions with experts on development plans for ‘JIN-A02’, with a focus on improving the planned global Phase 1/2 clinical study which will anticipates that the first patient will be recruited before the end of the year.

Experts present agreed that the focus of this study should be on C797S double and triple mutations which are the current unmet medical needs without approved therapy or treatment and against which ‘JIN-A02’ has shown very potent inhibition both in vitro and in -vivo. Additionally, patients with non-C797S mutations following the use of 3rd generation EGFR-TKI and those with stable metastatic disease in the brain were added to the clinical program.


J ORGANIC INTS is a bio-based company specializing in the development of innovative cancer and orphan drugs to achieve the goal of changing lives and improving the health of patients worldwide. J ORGANIC INTS The teams have years of previous experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies and CROs and backgrounds in medical affairs, regulatory affairs, drug discovery and development.

About ‘JIN-A02’

“JIN-A02” is a novel orally administered 4th generation EGFR TKI targeting C797S mutations in NSCLC. Although 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation EGFR TKIs have been used with some success, recurrence occurs in most patients, including 3rd generation TKIs such as Osimertinib. Currently, there are no approved treatments for patients who have developed EGFR C797S mutations due to the use of 3rd generation EGFR TKIs and with the high propensity of these cancers to metastasize to the brain, there is an urgent need to develop an effective drug against high blood pressure. – permeability of the cerebral barrier. ‘JIN-A02’, a novel oral EGFR TKI, effective against C797S mutations and having high cerebral penetrance, is therefore expected to become the most promising 4th generation IGFR TKI in NSCLC patients with viable treatment options.


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