Federal Government Issues Travel Advisory to Nigerians on UAE Visa

The Federal Government has advised Nigerians intending to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be guided by the country’s new visa regime.

This was contained in a statement issued by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ms. Fransisca Omayuli, made available to journalists on Thursday.

According to Omayuli, the attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria was drawn to a video on social media showing allegedly stranded Nigerians who arrived at the airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on August 29, 2022, but were seen refused entry despite valid visas.

“The Nigerian Mission in Dubai clarified that most of the supposedly stranded Nigerians were issued family visas, to arrive in Dubai without any family members. As a result, they were denied entry and advised to return to their country and to apply for the appropriate visas.However, those permitted to enter the country have family members in the UAE, while those who claimed that their family members were on another flight were invited to wait at the airport awaiting their arrival,” the statement read.

Those planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates were further advised to be aware of a new visa regime in the country which has stopped issuing tourist visas to people under the age of 40 except those who apply for a family visa. In addition, visa applicants must clearly state their visa preferences without any ambiguity and also respect the immigration laws of other countries to avoid unfair treatment.

According to some, a viral video on social media showed faces of purported Nigerians stranded at Dubai airport, who expressed frustration over their refusal to enter the country despite having valid visas. The event drew condemnation from many Nigerians who felt the Nigerian mission in the UAE had to rise to the occasion of the mistreatment.

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