Dussehra 2022 Delhi Noida Police issue traffic advisory Know list of roads to avoid

Dussehra traffic advisory 2022: Traffic police in Delhi and Noida have announced a number of restrictions and vehicle diversions due to Dussehra celebrations on Wednesday, October 5, as traffic officers predict attendance of at least 50,000 people on some sites for Ravan Dahan. Delhi Traffic Police, Noida issued the advisory, highlighting stretches of road likely to see heavy traffic. The police also asked people to make travel plans, taking into account the time it would take to cross the roads where the popular Ravan Dahan celebration takes place.Read also – Dussehra 2022: Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav to Virender Sehwag; How cricketers wished fans an auspicious day


Delhi Traffic Police predicted that several high profile personalities (VVIPs) would be present during the Ravan Dahan celebration on Wednesday in the Ramlila Maidan and Red Fort area. As a result, Netaji Subhash Marg, Nishad Raj Marg, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg and Turkman Gate roads would be blocked to regular traffic from 5 p.m. Wednesday. Likewise, the route might be redirected due to heavy traffic at Punjabi Bagh. Also Read – Sena vs Sena in Mumbai: 5,000 buses, special trains for Dussehra rallies at Shivaji Park; Driving restrictions imposed | 10 dots


  1. From sectors 12, 22, 56 towards the stadium.
  2. From sector 10/21 U-turn towards the stadium towards sectors 12, 22 and 26 T-point.
  3. From areas 8/10/11/12 chowk to Stadium Chowk and Spice Mall Chowk
  4. From Metro Hospital Chowk to Sector 12/22 Chowk and Adobe/Reliance Chowk
  5. From Sector 31/25 Chowk to Sector 21/25 Spice Mall Chowk
  6. From Sector 22/23/24 and Point T of Sector Thana 24 to Adobe/Reliance Chowk and Spice Mall Chowk
  7. From Sector 20/21/25/26 Jalvayu Vihar Chowk to Sector 21/25 Spice Mall Chowk
  8. To Sector 12/22 Chowk by turning around on the NTPC underpass from Point T of Coast Guard Sector 24


  1. Traffic from Chowk Telephone Exchange to Point T of Sector 12/22/56 will be diverted via Sector 10/21 U-turn from Jalvayu Vihar Chowk to Nithari via Sector 31/25 Chowk, NTPC, Gijhod.
  2. Traffic from Point T of Sector 12.22.56 to Chowk Stadium will be diverted via Sector 56 Square, Gijhod to NTPC and Sector 31/25 Chowk
  3. Traffic from Point T of Sector 12/22/56 to Rajnigandha Chowk will be diverted via Metro Hospital Chowk, Sector 8/10/11/12 Chowk and Harola/Jhundpura Chowk
  4. Traffic from DM Chowk and Jalvayu Vihar Chowk to Spice and Adobe Chowk will be diverted via Jalvayu Vihar Chowk to Nithari, Sector 31.25 Chowk, NTPC and Gijhod Chowk.
  5. Sector 62 Traffic: If sector 62 traffic to Value Bazaar and Fortis is blocked, it will be diverted via sector 59 T-point.
  6. If traffic from Sector 62 Point T to Sector 62 Chowki is blocked, it will be diverted to Sector 59 Point T
  7. If traffic from PMO direction to CDAC C-32 is blocked and vice versa, vehicles may pass through Sector 62 Police Chowki Chowk.
  8. Stadium parking as needed, parking will be provided in the vacant space between Spice Mall and Reliance chowks.

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