Driving ban lifted in South Buffalo, Kaisertown and Lovejoy, but travel advisory remains in place

A travel advisory has been lifted for most of the city of Buffalo, except for the southern part of the city, where a travel ban was lifted on Monday, but a travel advisory remains in effect, said Mayor Byron W. Brown during an update on the storm.

Brown said crews from the city’s Department of Public Works continue to make good progress clearing snow-clogged arteries throughout the city and transporting snow in the north, east and west sections of the city. town.

“In the southern part of town, where we had over four feet of snow, it was a haul operation,” Brown said.

“We have made so much progress in three-quarters of the city that we were able to lift the travel advisory for the east, north and west portions of Buffalo at noon,” he added.

This driving advisory was lifted at noon, at the same time a driving ban was lifted in South Buffalo, Kaisertown and Lovejoy.

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The mayor said he noticed people were driving as if there were no travel advisories in place in the southern part of town. He called for caution for motorists.

“Ninety-five percent of the streets now have a walkway,” Brown said.

He said the city will plow the remaining 5% of streets in South Buffalo, Kaisertown and Lovejoy that have not yet been plowed later Monday night. If people are driving in these areas, they should exercise caution, Brown said.

“There are still places where you might get stuck, and we have a lot of heavy equipment lifting and hauling snow, moving snow out of that part of town,” Brown said.

In addition to clearing streets and shoveling snow, the city team was able to help residents who needed transportation to get to dialysis, chemotherapy treatments and to pick up heart medications, said the mayor.

Brown said the city has received significant state assistance.

“We couldn’t have come to this without significant state assistance,” Brown said.

Nate Marton, commissioner of the Buffalo Department of Public Works and Street Remediation, said 114 pieces of heavy equipment are still down in South Buffalo, Kaistertown and Lovejoy, where major snow removal work remains to be done. perform.

“We understand people’s frustrations,” Brown said, “and (their) urge to get out, but it was a blizzard…not a snowfall,” the mayor said.

He also noted that weathering the storm has been costly, with many overtime hours yet to be calculated. Brown said more than $260,000 was spent by the city to hire private contractors to help with snow removal and transportation.

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