Delhi man detained for deceiving people via fake travel website

New Delhi, July 30 (IANS): A 33-year-old man has been arrested for creating a fake travel website through which he deceived people under the guise of booking flights, police said on Saturday.

Aviral Rawal who resides in Dwarka region of Delhi was even using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to get the scam website up in Google search.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, IFSO-Special Cell, KPS Malhotra said he received a complaint that a fraudulent website called was misleading people under the guise of booking flights.

“The complaint has been taken up and a case under the appropriate sections of the law has been registered,” the DCP said.

During the investigation, the technical analysis of the domain was undertaken and the same was superimposed on the financial track. Through analysis of the victim’s bank accounts, police discovered that transactions had been credited to the account of Wing In Travel Advisory Pvt Ltd.

“Further down the financial trail, it was discovered that the alleged individuals were using Google Search Engine Optimization features and their website was showing at the top of search results,” the DCP said.

Through technical investigation, digital fingerprints and manual monitoring were obtained. Police then identified the accused and pinpointed his location to Gurugram. “A raid was carried out and the accused Aviral Rawal was arrested,” Malhotra said.

During sustained questioning, Rawal revealed that in 2017 he set up his own business by the name of Wing In Travel Advisory. He bought a domain from and started to deceive the public under the guise of providing discounted tickets.

“After he got the money, he used to send a letter to the customers that the ticket couldn’t be processed and the money would be refunded within 4-5 business days, but he never refunded money to anyone,” the official said.

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