Actor Teruyuki Kagawa apologizes after report claims he groped hostess

Actor Teruyuki Kagawa apologized on Friday after a shocking report surfaced that he fondled a hostess’s breasts, removed her bra and passed it on to co-workers in 2019.

Kagawa, who is both a kabuki actor, TV and film star, is a household name in Japan and is known for his role in the corporate drama series “Naoki Hanzawa” and for hosting a show children’s television show about insects, a personal passion of his .

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“I am deeply sorry for causing trouble, concern and grievances over a magazine article about my personal affairs,” he said on a TV show he hosts. “I will think deeply about my actions and be disciplined from now on.”

According to the weekly Shukan Shincho in a report on Wednesday, Kagawa, 56, also kissed the hostess in her 30s at a bar in Tokyo’s Ginza district in July 2019.

The hostess was able to leave the private room but she forgot her mobile phone. Upon her return, Kagawa took off her bra again and showed off the hostess and bra during a video call with a young kabuki actor, the magazine reported.

The hostess later suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and filed a civil lawsuit the following year against the bar owner for failing to prevent the incident, the weekly reported. The lawsuit was later withdrawn, he added. It is believed that there was never a criminal case regarding the incident, although it is not immediately clear why.

Kagawa’s management agency, Lotus Roots, released a statement on Thursday saying it was true that Kagawa had caused the woman “displeasure” due to his actions.

“He repented and the incident came as a warning to him,” the statement read. “He expressed deep regret, apologized to the woman and was forgiven.”

But the incident could be detrimental to sponsors who hire the actor to promote their brands. He is currently editor of Toyota’s media website, the Toyota Timemaking him a global ambassador for the auto giant.

On Friday, a Toyota spokesperson said what was reported is unacceptable and that it will monitor the situation closely. The firm noted that the matter was settled between the two parties and that Kagawa is repentant.

He also appears in TV commercials for a major beverage company Suntory.

So far, none of the sponsors have unplugged Kagawa and he has not been fired from any of his television programs.

Born to kabuki actor Ichikawa Enno and actress Yuko Hama, Kagawa, a graduate of the prestigious Tokyo University, has appeared in television series and films since his debut in 1989.

Kagawa also became a kabuki actor in 2012, adopting the stage name Ichikawa Chusha.

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