Premium banking service: comparison options

Financial institutions are ready to offer a higher standard of service to customers who have a higher level of income and place free cash in banks. Such customers are classified as bonus. They have access to services that banks do not provide to the ordinary mass consumer. Such services include, for example, increased cashback on cards, free access to airport lounges with an increased level of comfort, insurance for the period of tourist trips, personal service in bank offices.

NewBank Premier Program

NewBank Premier Program

The set of services for privileged clients of the country’s largest financial and credit organization, NewBank, is called Premier. How does this bank distinguish people with higher status?

Each owner of the package of premium services is attached to their own personal manager . He is always ready to provide his client with qualified advice on any financial issue. Service for people with higher incomes is carried out in specially designated areas of offices . Communication with bank employees takes place in a more comfortable and trusting atmosphere. Losses of time for waiting of queue are completely excluded.


Of course, the personal manager does not sit all the time in one place while waiting for the visit of his ward. However, the bonus client has the opportunity to call him and make an appointment at any time convenient for him . You can make a call from the NewBank Online mobile application.

Premium customers of the bank receive plastic cards with increased bonuses Visa Platinum Premier or World MasterCard Black Edition Premier. Cashback when paying with such plastic at the gas station and when calling a taxi can reach 10%, when visiting restaurants – 5%, with payments in supermarkets – 1.5%. Recall that the standard size of bonuses “Thank you” is only 0.5%. Such cards holder package can get 5 pieces – for the whole family. The bank does not take money from a status client for servicing preferred plastic. For an ordinary person, servicing a card with similar conditions will cost 4,500 rubles a year.

When opening deposits of more than 700 thousand rubles, the holders of the NewBank Premier service package will receive a more favorable rate – 0.8% higher than the standard terms. This will bring them additional income of at least 34 thousand rubles a year.

Conditions for buying / selling currencies are also becoming more attractive . When exchanging one thousand US dollars for the Russian national currency, preferred customers will receive an additional benefit of 1,000 rubles.

If necessary, a member of the NewBank Premier program may rent a safe at a bank with a 20% discount .

NewBank premium card holders receive free Priority Pass cards. They allow them and their relatives to enter the lounges with an increased level of comfort at airports. Silence always reigns in such halls. Their visitors are provided with free drinks and snacks, as well as Wi-Fi.

NewBank insures free premium customers and their families during tourist travels. The insured people return the expenses that they incurred during the treatment as a result of transport delays, early return from the trip, loss of luggage, compensation for material damage to third parties.

High-status clients donate such useful services as high-quality medical care . They can use the Second Medical Opinion, Onco Insurance, Telemedicine services without payment .

Another service for owners of the NewBank Premier package is assistance in drafting documents for the return of part of the taxes paid (which saves time and 1,500 rubles).

How much does the NewBank premium package cost? The first 2 months of service are free. In the future, the package price will be 2 500 rubles per month . However, subject to certain conditions, premium customers of the bank are exempt from making monthly installments . Monthly fees will not be taken if:

  • on the last day of the past month, the client’s financial assets placed in the bank were at least 2.5 million rubles;
  • the amount of assets in the bank exceeded 1.5 million rubles, while spending on premium cards for the last month amounted to at least 100 thousand rubles;
  • On plastic cards issued within the package, no less than 200 thousand rubles per month were spent.

Omega Premium Services


Omega-Bank also provides special services to clients with enhanced status. According to the well-known analytical agency, the premium service of this particular financial institution is the best in Russia.

Omega-card Premium, Omega-Travel Premium and Aeroflot Premium are issued to preferred bank customers. For purchases on this plastic cashback is up to 3% or miles , which can be exchanged for air tickets or upgrade the service class.

Bonus customers who have more than 1.5 million rubles on their bank accounts and make purchases with cards worth more than 100 rubles per month are given the opportunity to visit airport halls with an increased level of comfort for free (at least 4 visits per month). For such clients, free insurance is also provided for the period of tourist trips .


For Omega Premium and Omega-Travel Premium Premium cardholders, round-the-clock concierge service is available . A dedicated employee of the bank is ready to provide them with any assistance in the field of travel arrangements and vacation planning.

Omega Premium program participants and their family members are provided with a comfortable car free of charge for driving from home to the airport and back.

Omega-Bank premium services can also be used free of charge if you fulfill the following requirements (optional):

  • place in the accounts and investment products of the bank over 3 million rubles;
  • have assets in this financial institution in excess of 1.5 million rubles, and make purchases by debit cards worth more than 100 thousand rubles a month;
  • receive a salary of 400 thousand rubles and more on a plastic card.

If the requirements are not fulfilled, the receipt of premium level services becomes paid. Cost – 5 thousand rubles per month .

ABC “Privilege”

ABC "Privilege"

What benefits do ABC Bank premium customers have? They have the opportunity to use a plastic card “Multicard Privilege”. This plastic gives the user one of the following advantages (optional):

  • get a higher deposit rate (up to 2% plus on the current conditions);
  • reduce the loan rate (possibly a decrease of 3 percentage points);
  • increase cashback from purchases (up to 17%);
  • receive cashback when making settlements at gas stations and parking lots (up to 12%);
  • increase the refund when paying in cafes and restaurants (up to 12%);
  • receive miles for calculations on a card and exchange them for air tickets.

The selected option can be changed every month.


ABC clients with higher status are served in special offices or dedicated areas . They are assigned a personal manager . They have access to premium bank products (deposits and loans), which are not provided to the mass of ordinary users.

Privileged clients of the bank who have assets worth more than 2 million rubles are given free visits to the airport-level halls of the airports on the Priority Pass card (from 2 to 8 visits per month). As with other banks, customers with higher ABC status receive free travel insurance and a 24-hour concierge service.

Original services of ABC Bank – assistance to privileged clients on the roads and insurance of their bank account. Roadside assistance involves technical and legal advice, free engine start, fuel delivery, evacuation from the place of breakdown. Account insurance protects fraudsters and burglars from illegal actions.

Privileged ABC services are also conditionally free. The fee will not be charged if the person fulfills at least one condition of the bank:

  • holds in his accounts more than 2 million rubles;
  • makes spending on the card in the amount of more than 100 thousand rubles a month;
  • gets a plastic salary of 200 thousand rubles a month;
  • has a portfolio of stocks or bonds of the bank.

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